Kamagra Side Effects

Side Effects Kamagra

Like all medicines and supplements who try to tackle oe problem in your health, there are always side effects ( positive and negative 🙂 ). Of course Kamagra is used as impotence and ED treatment, but let’s discuss the Kamagra Side Effects below:

Negative side effects of Kamagra
– a quicker than normal heart beat ( let’s say 10-20 heart beats per minute more ). This is of course to make you getting an erection easier AND to be able to maintain the long hard erection
– because of the increased heart beat, sometimes when going to sleep, you can need 5 till 10 minutes more to get to rest and sleep.

Positive side effects of Kamagra
– Of course because of Viagra you will be able to have the best sex ever and a long hard erection. On top of that it does not only work 30 minutes, but 6-8 hours, so also long after the sex you are still able to get a long hard erection quickly and have more sex on other places.
– when you are going out Kamagra (Sildenafil) can also be used as party pill. You will feel more confident and happier and people (girls and women) will see this, so this means more flirt and more fun!
– when you will be flirting with girls and will talk with them, you will already get a little erection if you took Kamagra before. The girls will see this how healthy you are and will be more willing and eager to sleep with you.

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Overall conclusion:
Side effects of Kamagra are generally very minimal and not really relevant. From a little quicker heart beat which can cause a little delay when going to sleep to an erection when you are having a dinner in suit… it is all manageable and not too bad and the positive side effects of Kamagra are clearly out beating the negative side effects. So nothing stops you from using Kamagra and get the perfect sexlife! Buy Kamagra Online!